Rewinding the Charts: In 1985, Sheena Easton Sexed Up Pop With ‚Sugar Walls‘

In 1985, the Scottish singer’s suggestive ‚Sugar Walls,‘ written by Prince, topped the Dance Club Songs chart and helped spawn the Parental Advisory labeling system. „It was such a great groove, even in the demo,“ says Sheena Easton of her double-entendre-laden hit „Sugar Walls.“ The Scottish singer says she didn’t „think about image“ when recording […]

Which Spice Girls Song Should Be Performed at The Royal Wedding? Vote!

After Mel B confirmed that the Spice Girls would be making an appearance at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, one question popped into everyone’s minds: Would the iconic girl group be performing at the royal wedding? Scary Spice couldn’t confirm (or deny!) that the ladies would be singing, but it got fans hyped for […]